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Thousands of developers from Mauritius and all over the world listen to our podcast 'Talks on Software Craftsmanship'. We would love to welcome you to the family. We are sure you'll be excited about that. Please see the advertising opportunities below and contact us!

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Advertising options

The in-episode advertising slots will be heard by every subscriber, as they listen through the episode. Each episode can contain up to two advertisement slots.

  • A short pre-roll ads read by a host, maximum 30 seconds long.
  • A live read by a host during the episode, approximately 60-90 seconds long.

The live read can be scripted or free form (preferred) with topics to cover.

A banner with link and short description at the bottom of each episode's post. Optional coupon code can be highlighted.

Use of funds

Any revenue coming from your advertisement is going to be used for two main activities.

  • Improve the quality and reach of this podcast
  • Supporting IT communities in Mauritius

We hope that you enjoy existing episodes and we are looking forward to promote your business, products, and services.